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Metabolism- Myths & Facts

When it comes to weight loss, metabolism is a hot topic with plenty of myths surrounding it. Today we are going to debunk a few of these myths, and give you some quick tips on how to use your metabolism to your advantage.

Metabolism is a complex process, but basically, when it comes to weight loss our metabolism is the process of converting what we’ve consumed (food and drink) into energy for our body to use. 

Common Myths:

I can’t lose weight because I have a slow metabolism - this is very rarely the case. For most people weight loss is difficult due to poor eating habits, lack of food knowledge, insufficient movement and emotional blockages. 
 Most of us are aware of the importance of the first three, and the impact they can have on our health and therefore, our weight. However, many of us ignore the importance of emotional balance in relation to physical health. Physical health is about more than just eating salads and going for a run; sometimes we need to address the emotions associated with our current weight states; how do we feel about our body? Is our negative self talk impacting on our training, on our diet and on our mood? If it is, it’s time to address it!

Low calorie diets or skipping meals will help with weight loss – this may actually backfire and cause more weight gain. Our bodies innate intelligence means that if food is restricted, everything we consume is held onto and less energy is used for daily tasks.

Eating after 8pm will cause you to put on weight – it’s not the timing of meals but rather the quality of them that really matters. Having a bowl of greens with tuna and an egg at 8pm isn’t going to harm your weight loss goals like a tub of ice cream eaten at the same time would.

Here are a few simple tips to boost your metabolism:

Get 8 hours of sleep each night - This one simple tip allows your body to better manage blood sugar levels and food cravings throughout the day, which can directly affect fat stores.

Did you know that every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight? Get to bed early and reap the benefits!

Strength training – muscles use up more energy than fat, so having more muscle mass through strength training can accelerate your weight loss and metabolism. Not sure where to start? Send me a message and I'll point you in the right direction to find the right person/location to train you! Everyone is different and everyone thrives under different situations and training methods; it's about finding what works for YOU!

Ensure adequate quality protein intake at each meal – your body requires more energy to digest protein, and protein also allows for production of lean muscle mass.

Our next post will delve into food and exercise, with quick tips on how much we actually need to eat and what and when to eat for best results so stay tuned!

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