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Why am I so tired? Part 2.

Maybe it’s your thyroid!

Thyroid conditions are so common with a large portion of my clients suffering hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and/or thyroid autoimmunity.

Investigation into thyroid health isn’t as simple as looking at TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels alone; further investigation to identify antibodies and rT3 is essential to ensure optimal thyroid health is obtained and maintained.

Did you know your TSH can be ‘normal’ or ‘within range’ but your thyroid health could still be contributing to your symptoms?

Yes, really.

Check out the pathology results I’ve attached - the TSH levels are right smack bang in the middle of the pathology ranges but the antibodies are through the roof. This indicates that the body’s immune system has mistakenly started attacking itself which could be contributing to the typical thyroid symptoms this client is suffering.

Common thyroid dysfunction symptoms


✨weight gain

✨excessive perspiration

✨hot flushes






✨dry skin

✨goitre (enlarged thyroid/lump in throat)

✨intolerance to cold

✨muscle aches and pains

✨poor concentration

✨trouble staying asleep

✨trouble falling asleep

✨brittle nails

✨hair loss

✨period irregularities


Treatment for thyroid conditions depends on exactly where your levels are sitting - but there are herbs and nutrients available to address both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism plus, autoimmunity.

Got questions? Get in touch!

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