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Why Am I So Tired? Part 1.

Maybe because your adrenal glands are being overworked and under appreciated!

Our adrenals glands are little structures that sit on top of our kidneys. It’s their job to produce some pretty essential hormones; including cortisol. Cortisol is involved in blood sugar regulation, metabolism, memory function, reducing inflammation, blood pressure modulation… and the big one, stress response.

Long term stress, whether it be physical, mental or emotional takes a massive toll on our adrenal glads and ultimately our health.

Working mums, shift workers, single parents, business owners; we’re all at risk of adrenal fatigue and it’s so essential to recognise the small signs our body is giving us before it sends some bigger signs our way.

Signs your adrenals need support ✨You work long hours ✨You’re raising a family ✨You’re constantly on the go ✨You exercise hardcore on a regular basis ✨You get stressed out ‘easily’ ✨You’re under a lot of pressure ✨You’re constantly tired ✨You struggle to get to sleep at night ✨You wake throughout the night ✨You crave sugar and/or salt ✨You feel anxious or depressed ✨You feel unmotivated ✨You suffer PMS ✨You have thyroid conditions ✨You have diabetes ✨You have high or low blood pressure ✨You’re a shift worker ✨You’re a mum ✨You suffer brain fog ✨You crash at 3pm ✨You suffer recurrent colds ✨You live on coffee ✨You have unexplained weight gain

The health of our Adrenals determines the health of so many other areas of our body so it's super important to keep them happy and functioning well.

So here's some super basic dietary and lifestyle advice to support your adrenals:

Get your sleep hygiene (the habits that help you have a good night sleep) sorted

✨Set and obey your body clock: wake at the same time each morning

✨Get immediate exposure to sunlight upon rising

✨Never ignore your tiredness, go to bed when your body is telling you it’s ready

✨Don’t go to bed if you don’t feel tired

✨Get the perfect mattress and pillow

✨Make sure your room is the right temperature and dark enough

✨The bedroom should only be used for sleeping and intimacy - no TV or reading

✨Turn off your mind 

✨Avoid exercising right before bed

✨Avoid engaging in mentally stimulating activities within the hour before bed

✨Have a warm bath or shower immediately before climbing into bed

✨Avoid drugs, including nicotine

✨Avoid drinking alcohol before bed

✨Talk about your stress

✨Do mindfulness mediations (check out youtube!)

✨Have regular massage and/or reiki sessions

✨Partake in regular exercise

✨Get outside barefoot in the sunshine

✨Say no when it doesn’t serve you and when it would merely deplete you

✨Lie horizontal as often as possible

✨Ask for help


✨Increase nutrient dense foods focus on protein, good fats and lots of vegetables

✨Reduce/remove coffee (I gave it up for 6 months!)

✨Remove caffeinated soft drinks, energy drinks (literal poison!!)

✨Limit sugar, fried and processed foods and alcohol

See a Naturopath! 😉 Of course!

I have access to some pretty incredible herbs to help support the adrenals and reduce the negative effects stress has on the body.

Some of my favourite adrenal herbs are Licorice, Rehmannia and Rhodiola,

Want to chat more about the health of your adrenals? Send me a message!

Appointments are available in Hervey Bay and Sippy Downs

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