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Why am I losing so much hair? Part 2: Thyroid Health

Poor thyroid health can be blamed for just about anything! Weight loss, weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, heart palpitations, brain fog, diarrhoea, constipation…and of course, hair loss!

Both hypothyroidism (underactive) and hyperthyroidism (overactive) can cause/contribute to hair loss.

Thyroid Studies are one of the first tests I send my clients for when they present with hair loss, even if they have previously been told their results are fine.

As a Naturopath, it’s all about working within optimal ranges; being normal or okay isn’t always good enough for optimal health. And often, thyroid symptoms can still be present when my clients are told their results are fine.

Have you had your thyroid tested in the last 6 months? What were your results? Were they optimal or ‘normal’?

Want a second opinion of your Thyroid blood results? Get in touch!

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