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The Importance of Mumcations

Majority of my clients are burnt out, stressed out mums who, for their children’s entire life, have put many aspects of their own life on hold.

Mums who have sacrificed their bodies, their careers, their sleep and their health to look after the little humans they’ve created - there’s no resentment, no regret and they’d do it all again in a heartbeat, because motherhood is the best thing they’ve ever done

They’re just so damn exhausted…

I’m not a mum, not yet - the very thought of it tires me out endlessly. The idea of trying to fit raising kids into my already busy life seems impossible…

Probably because it is.

Kids don’t really just slip into life…they completely take it over and change it.

Especially for the mum, regardless of how hands-on the dad is - for most families, raising the kids is largely the mothers domain.

Clinical experience (watching burnt out mums breakdown) has shown me the importance of mums being able to take some time out for themselves.

Real time out.

I’m not talking an hour here and there to run errands…but an actual break!

A weekend away from the kids, the partner, the house, the pets, the endless pile of washing…

A weekend away from all the pressure and expectations.

A weekend away to just put themselves first for once.

Which is a large part of why I've partnered with Alicia Wade; Coach, Author, Speaker to facilitate women’s only retreats - so that women, of all walks of life can have the break they so deserve and have other people take care of them for once.

It’s not just for mums; but it’s perfect for them.

This article touches on the importance of mums having a break once in a while and is so worth the read

For more information on our February 2020 Retreat check out or get in touch via the contact page

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