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Gain a better insight into your current health status with equipment used by the Australian Institute of Sport

Find out your current muscle mass, muscle quality and fat percentages to optimise training, enhance results and track weight loss goals

Monitor your body's detoxification pathways and stress response to enhance health and prevent disease

Over the last 4.5 years I have been traveling to Bargara to perform Naturopathic Testing Appointments at Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre.

Rebecca Lang, the owner of BBHHC has been so generous in offering to bring her testing equipment from Bargara to Hervey Bay next month so I can have a testing day in the clinic for my clients.


Testing Appointment Inclusions

  • Oxidative Stress Test Using a finger prick blood analysis to reveal how effectively your body is currently dealing with stress on a physical level, whether your liver is detoxing effectively and what your current risk of premature ageing and disease is

  • VLA Which identifies optimal vs current weight of muscle, tissue and fat. Your optimal vs current cellular fluid balance, hydration levels and extracellular fluid which reveals if you're dehydrated and/or holding excess fluid. Excess weight is frequently found to be related to fluid retention

  • Physical Signs Fingernails, tongue and iris analysis to identify any potential mineral deficiencies

  • Zinc Tally Test To check for current Zinc deficiencies

  • Urine Biochemistry Using urine to investigate the health of the digestive system, pancreas, liver, thyroid, kidneys and gallbladder to show any underlying issues not yet identified

Get in touch for more information or to book your appointment today!


New address from July 8th 2019

23 Hayworth Street Point Vernon

just up the road from my current clinic at Carmel Court

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