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Are you ready to say goodbye to your digestive issues, to sleep better, have more energy and deal with stress more effectively? 


Are you ready to address the root cause of your symptoms?

Are you ready to optimise the health and wellness of your child(ren)?


Hi, I'm Brooke

I’m a food loving, herbal medicine obsessed Naturopath.

I’m the owner of It’s All Good.


In March 2022 I welcomed my first (non-fur baby) child into the world; the hilarious Phoebe James. Motherhood is a wild ride and I’m so lucky that I’m able to do what I love while taking care of my little best mate.

I’m consulting two days a week on the Sunshine Coast and monthly in Hervey Bay. Doing my best to balance mum life with work and play.

Before I became a Naturopath I worked as a Pharmacy Assistant for 8 years. This role exposed me to knowledge about pharmaceutical medications, their benefits and their side effects, and the important role qualified Naturopaths/Nutritionists have in preventing and reducing the need for such medications. I work alongside doctors and am conscious of ensuring the safe prescription of herbal preparations alongside pharmaceutical medications.

I am passionate about health and wellness on all levels; physical, mental and emotional, and I always strive to get to the root cause of conditions and treat each person as an individual.


I work extensively with medical blood pathology, functional pathology, intolerance/allergy testing, compatibility testing and Iridology in my search for the underlying conditions causing current symptoms. I utilise dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as herbal and nutritional supplements, Australian Bush Flower Essences, homoeopathy and energy healing as required to manage symptoms and address the underlying cause.


What my clients have to say

Brooke has got the goods when it comes to the holistic approach! I've been a client for years and am grateful for her advice.

Brooke is so knowledgeable and has great attention to detail. She’s flexible, easy going and approachable. Brooke presented me with a number of options and doesn’t pressure you into making any decisions and provides ample information for all approaches so you can make informed choices about your own approach to health while taking into account your preferences for health management. Her client care is phenomenal. Cannot recommend Brooke more highly. she makes you feel right at home and is a good warm light that everyone needs in their health care.

Highly, highly recommend!! I have worked with Brooke for many years through general health, digestive issues, fatigue, mental health, nutrition and now peri menopause! I always feel better! Every month she mixes a wonderfully intuitive herbal supplement for me to take along with supplements! She is extremely warm and always makes me feel important, valued and loved!

Brooke is amazing! She has a beautiful caring heart and she really listens. I highly recommend her services. If you haven’t had iridology done, do it! It’s incredible. So insightful. Thanks so much Brooke!

Brooke always provides a kind, non judgemental ear to any issues I have and helps me to work through any problems, mental roadblocks and solutions with me. I leave every consult feeling inspired to do better and try harder to improve my health. I would recommend Brooke to everyone! Thanks for all your help Brooke. I have never felt better!

Thank you for all you do. Brooke listens to your needs and concerns to help create the changes you need to meet your full potential in health and well-beingThe transformation of my skin and overall well being is awesome. After nearly 6 months the results speak for themselves. If you invest in your health no price should matter. Health is for life, it’s like saying how long is a piece of string? You cannot answer that when wanting to make lifestyle changes that will dramatically change you for life. What are you waiting for? Book with her!

Contact Me

Point Vernon

23 Hayworth Street Point Vernon 4655 Australia  |  Tel: 0421 224 344


11 Monash Street Golden Beach 4551 Australia   |  Tel: 0421 224 344

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