A combination of Australian Bush Flower Essences to enhance sensuality. To enhance enjoyment and expression of sexual pleasure.

To allow the client to be truly present in the moment.

 A blend to bring about sexual openness. 

For confidence. 


For a renewed interest in ones partner. A revitalisation of passion. 

For the enhancement of desire. 

For the retrieval of forgotten love.

Sensuality ABFE Oral Drops

  • Place one 'squirt' under the tongue first thing in the morning and one 'squirt' under the tongue immediately before bed each day for optimal results. And if you feel like you're really needing that extra boost, add another to your water and sip throughout the day. 

    Ingredients: brandy, water and Australian Bush Flower Essences (Black-Eyed Susan, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Dog Rose, Kangaroo Paw, Little Flannel Flower, Wisteria)