A combination of Australian Bush Flower Essences with incredible cleansing and detoxing properties.  Flowers that have the ability to cleanse and detox both the body and the mind gently yet effectively. 


Use in combination with a ‘healthy’ diet; a diet high in fruits and vegetables, busting with colour variations and low in processed/refined foods. Avoid/minimise  consumption of alcohol, sugar and caffeine to gain the best possible results from your ABFE drops. 


A blend to rid the body and mind of toxins.

Cleanse + Detox ABFE Oral Drops

  • Place one 'squirt' under the tongue first thing in the morning and one 'squirt' under the tongue immediately before bed each day for optimal results. 

    Ingredients: brandy, water and Australian Bush Flower Essences (Bottlebrush, Bush Iris, Dagger Hakkea, Dog Rose)